Coors Light Canada ads capture ‘unchill’ moments of parenthood

Rethink’s new print and OOH campaign is accompanied by a social contest to give parents a free night out

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Mar 27, 2024
A glum-looking woman carrying balloons, presents and a cake out of a strip mall birthday party

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Coors Light Canada is out with a new campaign from Rethink saluting parents—by amusingly commiserating with them for the classic drudgery that comes with the job.

Three print and out-of-home ads (also running in social) show parents in the midst of familiar parent-y things, such as hauling the remnants of a birthday party to the car, dragging soccer gear from a practice and dealing with stacks of luggage at an airport.

The looks on the characters’ faces are perfect: vexation and exhaustion mixed with a steely resolve‚ the mask of any parent under duress. The ads carry the line, “Cheers to parenthood.”

Coors Light Canada ad showing a dad dragging soccer gear away from practice

Coors Light Canada ad showing a mom carrying remnants of a birthday party to her car

Coors Light Canada ad showing a dad hauling loads of luggage through an airport

The photography was captured by Ale Burset.

“We knew he was the perfect photographer because he brings a high level of craft and has a unique ability to capture candid moments and real-life emotions, especially important as we captured moms and dads in overwhelming moments that so many parents can relate to,” the agency told Ad Age.

The campaign ties into the brand’s “Chill” positioning by embracing the opposite—unchill moments—in a way that amusingly frames simple human truths.

“At Coors Light, we believe that chill is a choice, but we know that choosing chill is a lot harder when you’re entering one of the most demanding phases of your life: parenthood,” said Leslie Malcolm, VP of marketing at Molson Coors Beverage Company Canada. “Our ‘Parenthood’ campaign is our way of raising a toast to the moms and dads who make it a priority to balance parenthood with some well-deserved chill.”

The campaign also includes a contest element, where consumers can tag a parent friend in the comments of this Instagram post—giving the friend a chance to win a night out on Coors Light’s tab.

Rethink’s recent work for Coors Light Canada includes a commemorative can memorializing Shohei Ohtani’s home run in New York last summer that broke a Coors Light digital billboard. That work is a finalist in this year’s Ad Age Creativity Awards.