Creative Theory Agency’s AI campaign calls for inclusivity in developing generative tools

‘What Prompted You?’ argues that diverse access will lead to the most innovative uses and equitable experiences of AI

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May 28, 2024
Keem Hughley wall mural for the What Prompted You campaign.

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Representation matters. That is true in the workplace or in developing emerging technologies such as generative AI. And people of diverse backgrounds should be involved in developing, prompting and creating generative AI.

That’s the message behind a self-funded campaign from Black-owned independent creative agency Creative Theory, launched on Tuesday (May 28) in Washington D.C. 

Titled “What Prompted You?,” the OOH campaign features portraits and stories from people of different backgrounds, captured by Creative Theory Agency, alongside an AI-generated image representative of that story. The OOH ads include text with the prompts the agency typed into Midjourney to achieve the desired output. 






The campaign aims to show that AI can be better and less biased with diverse prompters, said Gary Williams Jr., co-founder and chief creative officer at Creative Theory Agency. However, it also aims to show the creative industry that it is not necessary to fear generative AI, as it still requires human-lived experience and nuance to prompt it.

“A lot of the fear in the industry is around creative because it's so easy to prompt and get an image and a video. But our point of view is that you'll still need that human input to create the most inclusive outputs,” Williams said, adding that “if Black and Brown underrepresented communities are not involved in building testing and using these tools, [they] will continue to be left behind.” 

After all, representative outputs cannot be achieved without representative inputs. 


As such, the campaign’s call to action is for the AI curious to visit to learn how to include more people in AI development and expand opportunities for all communities. For the campaign, the agency specifically chose to highlight people who are already expanding access and opportunity, said Tamon George, co-founder and CEO at Creative Theory Agency.

“The people we've highlighted in this particular campaign are folks who we believe have been creating access in whatever industry they're in,” said George. “We had our lead strategist develop a Q&A as a deep retrospective of their personal experiences.

“We didn't take it directly to ‘Tell us about the access you’re creating in your day-to-day,’” he continued. “We wanted something further back than that, and that’s how some of the stories that you’ll see feature people talking about things that they love or things that they felt or remember.” 


May 28, 2024
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Creative Theory

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