Creepy ads at L.A. construction site promise a real-estate development 144 stories underground

The outdoor boards at Burton and Robertson are part of a larger campaign for ‘Silo Residences’

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May 03, 2023
Ads for Silo Residences at a construction site in L.A.

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A series of unsettling real-estate ads offering subterranean living deep beneath Los Angeles—including boards at an actual construction site at Burton Way and Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood—are, thankfully, an elaborate fiction connected to a new Apple TV+ series.

The outdoor boards for “Silo Residences,” which have been up for a number of days, urge passersby to “Live life deeper” and include faux-aspirational (but actually deeply disturbing) lines like “You may never go outside again.” 

Outdoor boards in L.A. for "Silo Residences"

A QR code on the ads leads to the Silo Residences website, which continues the ruse—giving more information about “the world’s first and only completely subterreanean community.” The site includes this video, which promises, “With so much on your doorstep, you’ll never go anywhere else.” 


If it all feels a bit post-apocalyptic, that’s because it’s a teaser campaign for “Silo,” a dystopian series coming to Apple TV+ this Friday. The show takes place “in a ruined and toxic future, [where] thousands live in a giant silo deep underground,” according to Apple’s show description.

The campaign plays nicely on the tropes of real-estate advertising, with the construction site being an especially nice touch. (The boards are being updated today to reveal the connection to the show.) It also includes partnerships with architecture and luxury real-estate listings channels in social media, like the post below from @luxury_listings on Instagram.

Apple TV+ declined to comment directly on the campaign, or identify any agencies that worked on it.