Dentsu Creative built ‘The Artificial Client’ to give AI-generated feedback on your work

The results are more cartoony than useful, but the agency says it shows the potential of blending different AIs together

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Sep 11, 2023
User interface of The Artificial Client

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AI may be coming for your job, but is it coming for your client’s job, too?

Denstu Creative has built “The Artificial Client,” an A.I. experiment that generates feedback on creative work from three fictional client personas—the “Ruthless Critic,” “Idealistic Dreamer” and the “Confused Creative.” You can upload a brand design, UI design or TV script and have all three comment on your work.

The results are more goofy than serious, but the agency says the experiment does point to real applications of AI in the industry, such as: 

• Testing real creative work and uncovering creative insights with virtual customer persona (internal)
• Designing engaging branded experiences that help people get inspired (e.g. in travel or grocery)
• Building branded assistants that help customers find the right product (e.g. in automotive or homeware)
• Answering complex customer questions (e.g. in healthcare or technology).

This video gives an idea of each client’s persona:


The Artificial Client uses a combination of different AI models, which Dentsu says is something the agency strives for generally.

“We worked with several open source models such as InstructBLIP and Microsoft Azure’s Viseme API to achieve capabilities currently not available with commonly used models like GPT alone,” said Luke Vink, head of technology at Dentsu Creative Amsterdam. “It’s this ability to proactively test, train, prove and combine AI models that lets us rapidly prototype and build AI products at scale for our actual, non-artificial clients.”

“The Artificial Client shows that nothing can replace a real client-agency relationship,” said Boris Nihom, co-CEO of Dentsu Creative Amsterdam. “Part of our job as an agency is to constantly test the limits of what’s possible with today’s technology. Which is why, instead of writing abstract vision pieces, we have a dedicated team constantly building AI prototypes. The Artificial Client serves as a demonstration of the kind of use cases brands can build with AI. The same components that we used to create the Artificial Client, can also be used to give brands a unique AI voice through relevant, branded AI assistants. While the Artificial Client is not designed to be a working tool, it’s a fun way to show the potential of this exciting technology, blending different AIs in the future service of creativity and business to enhance the customer experience.” 


Sep 11, 2023
Agency :
Dentsu Creative
Boris Nihom
Creative Director :
Jasper Janssen
Front End Developer :
Rene Lems
Front End Developer :
Alexis Toromanoff
Front End Developer :
Tomas Makauskas
Head of Creative Technology :
Luke Vink
Digital Designer :
Oliver Kiss
Designer & Motion Designer :
Lorenzo Angelone
Project Manager :
Carolina Valdecantos y Tombolato
Editor :
Stone Shi
Creative Technologist :
Deniz Kurt
Senior UX Designer :
Joris Feitz

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