Partygoers give up their phones for beer to create a massive dance floor light show

Stunt is part of 'epic parties' series by the Heineken-owned Desperados

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Apr 03, 2019

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Desperados, the Heineken-owned tequila flavored beer brand, has made a specialty out of hosting unusual parties with innovative tech-- previous stunts included a zero gravity music festival experience and the "world's deepest dance floor." Now, it's inviting customers to suggest ideas for parties themselves, and then bringing them to life.

The first of these "Epic Stories by You" was a party in Poland at which it gathered 2000 partygoers' phones to create a light show. The party was imagined by Karolina Gilon from Poland, who felt phones were negatively affecting the way people socialise and party. Guests were asked to give up their phones in return for a beer, and the brand then linked all the screens, playing synchronized animations to the music and abstract-shaped footage. (In addition to partygoers’ phones, the LED wall used phones sourced from a phone recycling company and an iPad rental company).

Amsterdam-based agency We are Pi was behind the stunt, which will kick off a series of ideas suggested by people on social media. People can share their ideas using the hashtag #WeAreTheParty on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.