Michel Gondry Shoots a Magical Film for Apple on the iPhone 7 Plus

'Detour' Tells the Charming Story of a Lost Tricycle

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Jun 29, 2017

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Michael Gondry, the Oscar-winning French director and screenwriter whose films include "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," has shot a short film for Apple entirely on the iPhone 7 Plus, and it's utterly magical.

"Detour," which is running on Apple's homepage in the U.K., is the story of a child's tricycle that becomes separated from its young owner shortly after the family set off on vacation in their camper van. There begins a journey in which it follows the family along highways and backroads down to the South of France, having many adventures on the way.

That story would be charming in itself, but Gondry uses the opportunity to pay playful homage to classics of French cinema, like Jaques Tati and Albert Lamorisse, as well as show off the many features of the iPhone. He plays with with perspective, animation, underwater filming, time-lapse and slo-mo -- and you can find out more about how it was made in a set of accompanying online masterclasses, "Through the eye of Michel Gondry" that demosntrates some of Gondry's preferred filmmaking techniques.

What with singing fish, a humorous nod to the Tour de France and an utterly charming ending, the 10 minute film is a joy to watch. If you're about to log off for the July Fourth weekend, let this be a start to your summer. And if you happen to be in Paris today (June 30), Gondry is speaking about the film at the "Today @ Apple'" event at Apple Marché Saint-Germain in Paris at 6pm; prior to a screening of "Detour," he'll share his perspective on the future of cinema and how he used the iPhone to shoot the film.