Dignity Health's Latest 'Found Footage' Ad Is Super Cute

Latest Ad Features an Inconsolable Baby in a Crib

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Mar 09, 2017

Editor's Pick

Dignity Health's "Hello Humankindness" campaign, which specializes in using "found footage" from the internet to illustrate touching real-life moments of human kindness continues this week with a simple, but super-cute spot.

To illustrate the question "Does being there for someone matter?" we see video footage of baby crying in a crib. She's inconsolable -- until finally her father (we assume) climbs in with her, and the two snuggle down together.

Previous Dignity ads, all by agency Eleven, have included a scenario where a cop plays basketball with some kids after approaching them looking threatening and an amazingly cute video of a kid helping a friend get up on an ice hockey rink.