Here's Some 'Unsolicited Advice About Boning' From a Female Condom Brand

New Honor Society's Senior Copywriter Wrote (and Stripped Down) for F2's Comedic Instructional Film

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Apr 10, 2017

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A new comedic instructional ad from Veru Healthcare's female condom brand FC2 sets out to answer your big questions about HTF you're supposed to use a gal glove. The film stars a self-proclaimed nobody named "Amanda," who answers queries and demonstrates graphically, and at times, sans panties, how you actually use the prophylactic. It does take some practice, like using tampons or using male condoms does, but once you get the hang out of it, "It's like having sex with a bike!" she says.

She also goes on to allay fears about the reverse sheath being too big (like the vagina, it can accommodate members ranging from green bean to squash size) and concerns about "fallout" (reverse cowgirls, jackhammers and other bleeped-out moves are still A-OK!). It "looks weird and works great," she insists.

The ad was created out of boutique creative shop New Honor Society and "Amanda" is actually the agency's Senior Copywriter Amanda Burch, who also penned the script. In the agency's pitch video, Ms. Burch stood in for the yet-to-be-chosen comedian, but her performance won over the client, who recruited her to star in the final ad.

"New Honor Society had a fearless, no-holds-barred approach to both the strategy and creativ execution," said Brian J. Groch, chief commercial officer at Veru Healthcare in a statement. "They weren't afraid of the subject, and they weren't afraid of the challenge. And they knew exactly how to break through and create an authentic conversation in a category where conversations aren't currently happening."

After the three minutes of funny, however, we're still left wondering -- but Amanda, how does it feel? Perhaps she'll answer that in a sequel.


Apr 10, 2017
FC2 Female Condom
FC2 Female Condom
New Honor Society
Senior Copywriter:
Amanda Burch

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