The Economist's latest ad lapped around Westminster on another Brexit vote day

Mobile van went in circles in London's Parliament Square

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Jan 31, 2019
The Economist: Brexit Roundabout

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It may actually be Groundhog day this weekend, but for the British public trying to work out what's going on with Brexit, every day feels like Groundhog Day at the moment. So, as the U.K. government earlier this week went for yet another attempt on getting Theresa May's Brexit vote through Parliament (her first attempt having been defeated earlier this month) The Economist had its own say on the matter.

The magazine this week took its latest billboard on a mobile van, driving round and round Westminster's Parliament square in laps. The words "Tired of going round in circles?" are emblazoned on the side of the vehicle on a digital outdoor poster and will continue going round and round until the voting concludes this evening. 

On the back of the van, the URL points to the publication's article ‘Theresa May has lost control of Brexit. Parliament must take over’. The creative, by longstanding agency AMV BBDO, goes on to encourage passersby to send a text message to receive a free copy and ultimately a full subscription offer.

"Today the eyes of the world will once again be on Parliament Square and so there is no better place to remind our globally curious audience that, whilst the government may take us round in circles," said Economist CMO Mark Cripps in a statement. "The Economist is a trusted filter to help prepare for and navigate exactly this kind of uncertainty."