Edeka's Christmas ad tackles diversity and coronavirus in one

Latest downbeat spot from Jung von Matt for the German retailer is apt for 2020

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Dec 23, 2020

Editor's Pick

German retailer Edeka has become known for its somewhat dark Christmas ads via agency Jung von Matt -- particularly its 2015 effort in which a man organized his own funeral in order to get his family to gather for the holiday. So we've been waiting to hear what they'd come up with for 2020, and, with a message that highlights diversity as well as directly featuring coronavirus, it doesn't disappoint.

It's the story of Mr. Schmidt, an older and somewhat grumpy white man who disapproves of his neighbors, a Muslim family. As he prepares for Christmas, he gives them disapproving looks as their children play noisily in the courtyard and refuses their generous offers of baklava. However, then coronavirus strikes, and he comes to appreciate their kindness. 

The spot, directed by Alex Feil of Tempomedia, seems totally appropriate for this year, incorporating coronavirus, racial prejudice and loneliness but ending on a positive message about diversity. While you couldn't exactly call it feelgood, it does reflect hope despite all the grimness (and we hope Mr. Schmidt is now fully recovered.)