Eharmony takes aim at 'swipe culture' with ads focusing on personality quirks

The dating brand focuses on people who 'get you' rather than those with generic profiles

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Sep 28, 2022

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A new campaign from Eharmony, the dating brand, takes aim at the swipe culture of other apps (no names, but they know who they are) and reminds those looking for love that it can find the person who "gets you."

A series of ads focus on people's quirks, rather than their perfect-looking online profiles. For example, you might both love your eccentric skincare routines. Or you might get a kick out of recreating Titanic's "King of the World" scene on your scooter. You might even share a love of mime artistry. 


The ads, which were directed by Clara Tägtström, are the result of research by Eharmony that found that daters today can feel a lot of pressure to be more “swipeable” and less personal; to create a profile they think will be popular, even if it doesn’t capture who they really are. The survey also found that 55% people find generic dating app profiles that don’t say enough about who people really are the most annoying thing about app profiles, followed by overly filtered profile pictures (47%) and not enough detail to start a meaningful conversation (45%).



The campaign "captures the distinct relationship moments between people who aren’t afraid to be totally themselves no matter the audience, and between partners who accept one another exactly because of those quirks," said Gareth Mandel, chief operating officer at Eharmony. "The kinds of moments that might not make it to Instagram, but make you feel confident that you’ve found someone who isn’t striving to present as perfect to the outside world, but is uniquely perfect for you.”



Sep 28, 2022
Client :
Director :
Clara Tagtstrom
Director of Photography :
Benjamin Todd
Editor :
Austyn Daines

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