Eyewear maker’s poetic film shows how glasses can be central to one’s identity

Fielmann campaign by Mother Berlin shifts the focus from the product to the people behind it

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Oct 10, 2023
A woman in glasses lying on a bed and looking at the camera

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If you wear glasses regularly, it’s no exaggeration to say they practically become a part of you. Fielmann, the German eyewear company, captures this truth in cinematic style via a new campaign by Mother Berlin featuring a striking two-minute film from Anorak director Joanna Nordahl.

The film explores personal moments of a variety of diverse glasses-wearing people—one couple falling in love, another breaking up, a bus driver working the night shift, an NBA-obsessed girl at camp, a museum guard dreaming about the past.

The end line reinforces the personal nature of the brand’s updated positioning.


The campaign has also included an interesting out-of-home element, beginning with teaser posters that went up throughout Central Europe showing close-ups of pairs of eyes and the single word: “Glasses?”

Teaser billboard from Fielmann

Those gave way to editorial-style OOH ads, shot by photographer Christian Werner, featuring portraits of people wearing glasses and offering a glimpse into their lives.

Billboard for Fielmann

Billboard for Fielmann

Billboard for Fielmann

The more personal approach in the branding is echoed in the tagline, which tweaks the long-standing line “Glasses: Fielmann” to “Your Glasses: Fielmann.”

“We wanted to emotionalize the brand even more and see this campaign as the perfect starting-off point for our partnership with Fielmann—from longer formats, spatial projects and activations, all of them combining the focus on the people behind the glasses and Fielmann’s expertise and service as an optician and eyewear retailer,” said Alexander Nowak, chief creative officer and partner of Mother Berlin. “Over the last few months, we have been able to attract top international talent to Mother Berlin, who—with the same great dedication that characterizes Fielmann—have created our campaign, of which we are very proud, just like the team at Fielmann.”

“This campaign shows how we want to appear in the future: with a focus on the person behind the glasses and their individual needs,” said Benjamin Ludigs, CMO at Fielmann. “Our excellent service will of course remain. The tried-and-tested ‘Best Fitting Product’ for every Fielmann customer—our well-known, immense product expertise in glasses and lenses—will be expanded with the help of this work to include our outstanding expertise with people.” 


Oct 10, 2023
Client :
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Mother Berlin
Benjamin Ludigs
Head of Content & Art Direction :
Francesca Manuzzi
Senior Marketing Manager :
Christina Appleton
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Anja Reimann
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Meike Meister
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Patrick Schubring
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Tobias Thelemann
Media :
Anna Lena Nickelsen
Media :
Florian Mueller
Production :
Executive Producer :
Christiane Dressler
Producer :
Björn Krüger-Levy
Director :
Joanna Nordahl
Camera :
Erik Henriksson
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Editor :
Andreas Arvidsson
Sound :
Ponytail Sounds
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