Fanta tells teens 'It's a Thing' in psychedelic new films and Snapchat billboards

Creative by Preacher includes trippy films with a personality for each different flavor

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Sep 12, 2019

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Fanta is aiming its new brand campaign at teens with a combination of colorful, trippy social videos, Augmented Reality outdoor ads, social extensions and brand partnerships with youth-focused media platforms.

The creative, by Preacher, tunes into each Fanta flavor’s personality. “It’s An Orange Thing” is set in an orange-hued convenience store with its own DJ cat, where opening a Fanta sets off a world of zany graphics and emojis, while the Pineapple video turns a pizza parlour into an 8-bit videogame. The grape video turns a beauty parlour into a trippy dance floor while strawberry is more of a chillout zone. The videos were directed by Watts via London Alley.

“We noticed a lot of conversation about Fanta in social media,” said Jessica Kalish, senior manager, integrated marketing communications (IMC), explaining the strategic insights behind “It’s A Thing.” “And this chatter was not coming from the Fanta brand. People are interacting with and talking about Fanta in modern, culturally relevant ways tied to their core interests.”

Fanta also created “Finstas” --secondary Instagram profiles for each core flavor -- that are populated with hidden content and experiences that can only be discovered via easter eggs hidden in posts on Fanta’s official Instagram profile. In partnership with Snapchat, Fanta fans can use their smarthphones to bring to life images on outdoor ads and explore flavor-specific Fanta AR worlds. Scanable Snapchat codes also unlock four filters and AR sticker packs.