Fanta remixes its classic jingle in a tantalizing new campaign

‘Wanta Fanta’ is a bouncy anthem about doing what you want to do—not necessarily what you need to do

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Apr 25, 2024
Fanta OOH

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The tension between doing what we must and doing what we’d like is set to a bouncy retro earworm in a global campaign from Fanta, breaking in the U.S. today.

“Wanta Fanta” reprises the brand’s famous jingle—only this time, the Fantanas aren’t around to sing it. The fictitious singing quartet was introduced in an Oglivy & Mather campaign in 2002 and appears to have broken up following a reunion in 2017.

The new Fanta campaign expresses its brand proposition in a succinct question—wanta?—that unleashes the seemingly forbidden temptation to put aside society’s relentless obsession with accomplishing things and instead indulge in more pleasurable experiences, like taking a sip of a fizzy orange Fanta.

A film shows two young people in a retail store, rejecting the pressure to do things they need to do—sometimes foolishly, other times wisely, choosing to have a Fanta instead. The film climaxes with a roof-raising alien invasion that the duo may not have been well-served to ignore.


The campaign comes on the heels of a global makeover for the Coca-Cola owned fruit soda brand intended to make it more playful. Out-of-home ads and retail advertising are built around notions of silly but attractive indulgences like french fries for dinner or binging television all night.

Social media will be centered on the returning jingle. Creators on TikTok will be tapped to do what they “wanta” with the song—remix it, dance to it or lip sync, in their style. A separate contest will offer Fanta fans a chance to win rewards and exclusive merchandise.

The campaign was created by WPP Open X, led by Majority and supported by BCW, EssenceMediacom, Goat, Ogilvy, Subvrsive and VML.