Fedex may have the best gift idea for your kids this holiday season

Brand's seasonal ad from BBDO highlights the power of a child's imagination

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Nov 07, 2019

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We’re starting to see a trend—marketers are catching on the fact that when it comes to presents, the magic is not in what’s inside the box, but it’s the box itself!  

We saw the idea at play in a recent French McDonald’s ad showing how the Happy Meal container is just as good—maybe even better—than the toys inside it (though McDonald’s is shining the spotlight on the meal’s classic playthings elsewhere). Amazon has made its packages the stars of its big holiday pushes and now FedEx explores the fantastic worlds that open up when kid meets box.

The delivery giant’s 2019 Christmas ad, “Gift Box,” from longtime agency BBDO New York, tells the story of a young girl whose imagination explodes when she gets her hands on a pair of Fedex containers.

Bored with her store-bought RC spaceship, she turns her attention to the cardboard husks, which seem to summon her to unleash her powers of creativity. She feverishly transforms them into a life-size version of her toy, which she zooms and zips around in through the halls of her well-appointed home. 

In the final scene, we see the girl sitting in one of the Fedex boxes, in its simple, original form. As she makes spaceship sound effects her mom looks on and shrugs, “Should have just bought her the box,” she says. A voiceover then speaks: "Imagination. What we deliver, by delivering."

Noam Murro directed the spot out of Biscuit Filmworks.