FIFA, the video game, is now EA Sports FC—see the global launch and Uncommon’s triangle logo

The identity debuted on site at more than 100 matches across the biggest leagues in the world

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Apr 14, 2023
The EA Sports FC logo on a soccer ball

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The soccer video game FIFA has enormous global awareness, which means its rebranding as EA Sports FC—following the end of EA’s partnership with soccer’s FIFA governing body—presents unique challenges. To craft the new logo and identity, EA called on London creative agency Uncommon, which came back with a triangle-based system that was brought to life at matches around the world during launch week.

The triangle shape came from a few places. In the game, it’s been a player control indicator above the players’ heads for decades. In the IRL game of soccer itself, it’s central to everything from passing patterns to set plays.

Here’s the logo unveil video:


To introduce it to the world, EA seeded the logo at matches around the world over the past week, as well as online. There have been partnerships with clubs, players and brands, as EA is working to create cultural buzz around the new incarnation of the game.

David Beckham promoting EA Sports FC

The EA Sports FC logo on a flag

The EA Sports FC logo on a sandwich wrapper

The EA Sports FC logo on a scarf

“Clients tend to approach the studio in a moment of change,” said Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon. “The task of partnering with EA Sports to brand not only one of the most iconic games ever to exist, but also arguably the biggest football club in the world was irresistible.”

Here’s a film that dropped on social Thursday night, featuring British rapper Dave recapping the week of energy of EA Sports FC on the pitch and in culture.


“Without knowing it, the new logo had been in our hands for almost 30 years,” added Leonard. “Above the heads of our heroes. Between passes and the feet of legends celebrated the world over. Discovering the FC marque within the triangle so fundamental to the beautiful game was thrilling. To anyone who’s ever kicked a ball, with their foot or their thumb, we hope this does the beautiful game justice.”

The EA Sports FC logo on a flag

The EA Sports FC logo on a wrap

Ads from Uncommon, rolling out later in the year, will be photography based, blurring the line between the real and virtual games (which have been merging visually anyway over the years, as the tech has improved).

Mockup of a future EA Sports FC outdoor ad with players embracing

Even the typography—two custom fonts—is said to be player inspired. The first font is inspired by the Cruyff turn, an evasive dribbling technique named after Dutch legend Johan Cruyff. The second evokes the style and flair of Brazilian women’s footballer Marta. The color palette includes Boot Black and Chalk White, as well as Pitch Green and Forest Green.

“For the logo we teased out a fundamental icon, rooted in all aspects of the beautiful game,” said Haider Muhdi, design director at Uncommon. “A symbol of power that’s literally in the hands of those who control it. A distinctive form that’s been part of the gameplay (DNA) from the very start, right up to the present day. Hiding in plain sight for almost 30 years, the inverted triangle became our playmaker. Forging the EA Sports FC identity directly through it and then building a prolific design system around it. Viva FC.”

“Football comes in many colors, but only very few shapes,” said David Jackson, VP Brand, EA Sports FC. “Through set pieces, formation design and elegant possession patterns, the language of the beautiful game is often communicated in triangles. The shape has also been deeply embedded in EA SPORTS football games for decades; from the isometric angles of our very first 8-bit experiences to the iconic player control indicator that appears above every athlete in every match — triangles play an essential role in the building blocks of EA SPORTS football experiences. We’re energised to bring this core symbol of football’s foundations to life through EA Sports FC.”