StreetEasy Will Make New Yorkers Laugh at Their Own Misfortune

Rats and Roaches Just Might Be Okay

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Feb 17, 2016
Find Your Formula

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A lot of New Yorkers know they pay a huge price for living in the "center of the world," a fee that includes less-than-ideal living situations that can include any (or all of) the folllowing: roaches, rodents, crazy roommates, no light, no space, too much noise, no closets -- and the list goes on.

Office of Baby, the agency created by former Goodby Silverstein NYC creatives Paul Caiozzo and Nathan Frank, captures that reality with sharp humor in this outdoor campaign asking New Yorkers to "Find Your Formula."

It illustrates the trade-offs and compromises city dwellers face in order to find an acceptable abode. For example, if you want to live in the West Village and have outdoor space, that means you'll have four roommates. If you're hoping to live in a loft, have a fancy supermarket nearby but don't mind toxic waste, then Gowanus is your hood.

Previously, while at Goodby NYC, Mr. Caiozzo and Mr. Frank debuted StreetEasy's first campaign, which made clever use of subway station infrastructure to showcase New Yorker's less-than-perfect accommodations.