Fisher-Price appeals to nostalgia with an Instagram toy museum

Digital gallery featuring iconic toys like Barky Puppy and Chatter Telephone celebrates its 90th anniversary

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Oct 15, 2020

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Nostalgia for Fisher-Price toys has been something of a theme recently: a recent ad from Orange in France gave its toy telephone a starring role. Now, the brand itself is appealing to nostalgic grown-ups with a new Instagram gallery that celebrates some of its most iconic toys.

The gallery, featuring classic toys like Chatter Telephone, Granny Doodle, Barky Puppy, Rock A Stack and Play n’ Go Activity Walker, has been created to mark the Mattel-owned brand's 90th anniversary and has been designed for adults, as well as kids, to enjoy on their phones.

Each exhibit has been crafted by U.S. artist and designer Leila Fakouri, who has previously designed for brands including Chanel, Nike, Gap and Levis. Each image features a classic Fisher-Price toy that has been stylized to match the look and feel of the decade the toy was first on sale. For example, Snoopy Sniffer, which launched in 1938, asits atop a fabricated slice of blueberry pie, while the Roller Skates, which were first introduced in 1983,  are showcased in a miniature roller skating rink complete with the wood paneled flooring and carpeted walls.

“These toys were designed and created in a variety of time periods spanning almost a century," said Fakouri in a statement. "Each decade has its own style, colors, vibe and nostalgic memories. I focused on bringing this to life by curating a beautiful and complex variety of installations that reflect the visual language of each time.”

Chuck Scothon, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price, Global Head of Infant and Preschool, Mattel, adds: At Fisher-Price, we are always looking for ways to create playful connections between children and the grownups in their lives. As many families continue to look for virtual experiences to enjoy together, we are opening a new digital museum that will enable visitors to share memories of their favorite toys with their children. Whether your Fisher-Price memory is playing with the rotary-dial Chatter Telephone as a toddler, rambling behind the Bubble Mower or sparking a lifelong love of music with the Music Box Record Player, the Fisher-Price Toy Museum is the place to relive it all."