Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page become women in Forbes campaign highlighting gender pay gap

Continuing campaign adds more male billionaires to the mix

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May 29, 2018

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Billionaire men once again undergo a "sex change," courtesy of Forbes, in order to highlight the gender pay gap around the world. The latest ads from the publication running in Brazil turn Tesla founder Elon Musk into "Ellen," Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos into "Jenny" and Google co-founder Larry Page into "Lara" to make the point that had these dudes been women, their companies may never have seen the light of day. The ads cite stats like the fact that only 7% of startup founded by women only receive 7% of venture capital, female-owned businesses only get 5% of government grants and female-led companies only receive 16% of loans annually.

Created out of Ogilvy Brazil, the ads continue a campaign that debuted last year, which featured "Marcia" Zuckerberg, "Billie" Gates and "Carla" Slim in order to show how much less the titans would have been worth had they been born as women.

"The disparity between men and women in the workforce is still an issue," said Antonio Camarotti, Forbes Brazil Magazine's CEO in a statement. "Our campaign once again reinforces Forbes Brazil's position against gender inequality".


May 29, 2018
Brand :
Agency :
Ogilvy & Mather-Brazil
President and Chief Executive Offier :
Fernando Musa
Creative Vice President :
Claudio Lima
Executive Creative Director :
Félix del Valle
Creative Director :
Eduardo Doss
Copywriter :
Guilherme Moreira
Copywriter :
Marcos Botelho
Copywriter :
Phylippe Moura
Art Director :
João Alexandre
Art Director :
Guga Bittencourt
Art Buyer :
Francini Santiago
Account Director :
Juliana Fernandes
Approval :
Antonio Camarotti
Photograph Studio :
Rodrigo Ribeiro
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