"Green As Frontier" campaign

Turning pain points into talking points

Published On
Jan 21, 2020


Frontier Airlines wanted to go green, and VOLTAGE won the pitch to help their image take off. The goal: To shift the perception of Frontier Airlines from “most uncomfortable airline” to “the greenest airline.” We deployed brand strategy and creative to come up with big ideas – and a few stunts. By turning pain points into talking points, we helped reposition the airline from low-cost carrier to low-emissions carrier.

1. FlyGreener.com makes a daring proposition: Flying doesn’t have to be the least green thing you do. This educational campaign combats the cognitive dissonance of an airline actually being “green.”

2. Destination: Greenville. Departing from Denver, this promotion hyped Frontier's 40% more fuel-efficient flights.

3. We followed up America’s Greenest Flight with the Green(e) Flies Free promotion. Passengers with the last name of Green (or Greene) got on board for a free flight, and their stories went viral.