Is This Toyota's Answer to Honda's 'Cog'?

Rube Goldberg-Style Film From Japan Takes Over a Six Storey Parking Garage

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Nov 24, 2014

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Advertising creatives still hold up Honda's 2007 ad, Cog, as one of the greatest car ads of all time -- and one that inspired a whole generation of ads featuring clever Rube Goldberg-style sequences in commercials. This film, by Toyota Japan, takes the whole Rube Goldberg theme to a new level in a six storey parking garage. Incorporating actual cars into the mix, it throws in some stunt driving, dominoes, a kissing couple, a woman draped over the bonnet of a car in old-fashioned sexist car ad style which we hope is ironic, and a hot air balloon. It's bigger, brasher and not as subtly cool as Cog --- but if you like crazy sequences with a bit of fun thrown in, you'll enjoy it. The film is by Six, a subsidiary of Tokyo agency Hakuhodo, and was directed by Tsuguhisa Tanaka.