See Jude Law Tap Dance in Johnnie Walker's 'Gentleman's Wager' Film

Branded Film Via Anomaly Is Set in the World of the Super-Rich

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Jul 30, 2014

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Johnnie Walker positions its Blue Label sub-brand as aspirational and stylish in the full-length version of its short film "A Gentleman's Wager" starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini (a teaser was released earlier this month). Directed by RSA's Jake Scott, it's set in the world of the super-wealthy and starts with Mr. Law saying he wants to buy Giannini's beautiful yacht. While it's not for sale, Mr. Law insists he wants to win it "with a dance."

Back in a romantically rain-soaked London, Mr. Law visits his tailor, then puts on a tap dancing cabaret worthy of a Heineken ad to get his friend to change his mind. Of course he succeeds, but the film ends with a hint that future installments are in store.

Anomaly was responsible for the branded film, which is being shown at the Venice Film Festival. Despite liberal product shots, "Johnnie Walker Blue Label" isn't actually mentioned in the film, but the project sets up Mr. Law as a future ambassador for the brand.