Satirical B2B campaign features a 1,000-slide client presentation

Globant's new ads by Gut are about reinventing consultancy

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Aug 16, 2022

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Since the pandemic changed the norms of working for so many people, we've seen a number of business-oriented campaigns reflect that—see Apple's Underdogs and HP's recent global campaign highlighting how hybrid life has changed the workplace.

The latest is a B2B spot from global consulting group Globant and agency Gut Buenos Aires, which wants to challenge the old ways of thinking about consultancy. In one spot, office workers gather around to watch their colleague in awe as he creates a 1000-slide client presentation. They mop his brow and feed him drinks as he shouts out frenzied instructions. "Get me an incomprehensible graphic ASAP," he barks at one point as a colleague whispers: "The forbidden charts!" 

A second ad features an office that has just installed new computers, whose keyboards have only two giant buttons, reading "copy" and "paste." That's fine because it's all the employees are required to do. Both spots end with the line "End the old consultancy bullsh*t" and invite viewers to "meet the future of digital transformation" with Globant. 


The campaign, directed by Luis Gerard via Rebolución, is designed to convey that Globant can serve its customers with more agile, dynamic and creative solutions for each specific client. 

"The genesis of this campaign lies in the capacity to listen," said Gut Executive Creative Director Matias Lafalla, in a statement. "Most big companies work with more than one consulting firm at a time, and data showed that the major factors that make Globant stand out are their involvement, agility and flexibility when approaching challenges."

"Many of the insights provided by the clients themselves made us laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of how torturous and outdated some of these processes are, and that inspired these pieces," added Joaquin Cubria, chief creative officer. 

"The new campaign is a nod to the brands that reach out to Globant seeking something different," stated Globant's Chief Brand Officer Wanda Weigert. "Those who know us know that the experience we offer is distinctly unique, from the proposal to the execution."


Aug 16, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Chief Brand Officer :
Wanda Weigert
Global Digital Marketing Director :
Federico Paluszkiewicz
Global Marketing Strategy :
Emiliano Horcada
Chief Marketing Officer :
Todd Krugman
Campaign Manager :
Ivanna Giménez
Design Lead :
Matías Echeverría
Digital Properties Lead :
Julián Caso
Social Media Teach Lead :
Matías Mosquera
Advertising Teach Lead :
Guillermo López
WordPress Tech Lead :
Mauro Carrera De Franceschi
Founder :
Gaston Bigio
CCO & Partner :
Joaquin Cubria
Ramiro Gamallo
Matias Lafalla
Juan Pablo Lufrano
Managing Director :
Pilar Lopardo
CD :
Gastón Gual
CD :
Alex Romero
Account Director :
Meme Traverso Lizarraga
Head of Production :
Florencia Albizzati
Agency Producer :
Mariana Jauregui
Creative Manager :
Paula Akel
Head of Design :
Rosario Muñoz
Javier Quintero
Head of Digital & Data :
Agostina Martino
Social Strategist :
Ignacio Rocca
Production Company :
Director :
Luis Gerard
Executive Producer :
Pilar Capurro
Executive Producer :
Ezequiel Ortiz
Producer :
German Sanchez
Agustin Claramount
Post Production Coordinator :
Mariano Olivari
Color Grading :
Alejandro Armaleo
Editor :
Jerónimo Pérez
Mix and Sound Design :
Porta Estudio

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