Send Your Friends a 'Grouchy' Carol From Smile Train

Instagram Overkill, Office Party Awkwardness and More

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Dec 03, 2015

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Here's an antidote to all that heartwarming holiday stuff -- and you can share it with your friends too. Smile Train, the international cleft charity, has reworked some traditional carols with "grouchy" lyrics highlighting seasonal annoyances: from endless Instagramming of food (seen here) to unhelpful party guests, stressful shopping, awkward office parties, holiday travel woes and more.

At the Grouchy Carols website, people can select one of six pre-recorded carols, craft a customized message for a "grouchy" friend, then share the link via social media or email encouraging the friend to "give smiles to kids with clefts, and get your smile back too."

Five videos will be available at launch, while a sixth, Grouchy New Year, will be available for a limited time between Christmas and New Year. The work is by SS+K, and directed by Sally Tran at Ghost Robot.