H&M : Guy Ritchie directs David Beckham

Becks, you don't need that robe.

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Feb 06, 2013

Editor's Pick

If you like your beefcake to be able to run and swim -- and do it all wearing the skimpiest pair of H&M skivvies we've ever seen, you'll love this energetic film for the clothing brand starring David Beckham in hot pursuit of a bathrobe, directed by Guy Ritchie. Becks has been the face of the brand for a little while now, appearing numerous print campaigns where he wears even less, believe it or not. The film was created in collaboration with Marc Atlan of Marc Atlan Design, who helped write the script and designed the campaign.

Over on @hm's Twitter account, the soccer star also spent some time answering questions soon after the video was released. He said that he did most of his own stunts in the film (cue the swooning) and that he's in favor of going sans underclothes when wearing a kilt. Good to know, Becks.