Kevin Garnett Drowns Out The Naysayers in Powerful Beats Ad

Paul Hunter Directs New Spot Featuring Nets Player

Published On
Nov 25, 2013

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Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Garnett is the star of a powerful new spot for Beats, which shows that headphones aren't just a tool for listening to music, but also for shutting the world out when it becomes necessary. The ad, which broke last weekend, features Mr. Garnett sitting in a bus, driving into an arena entrance. It's clear that the fans screaming at him are Knicks supporters, by their orange-and-blue color schemes, who aren't thrilled about the prospect of an "old" former Boston Celtic now coming to play for the Nets.

Directed by Paul Hunter, the ad features a track by Aloe Blaac, called "The Man," which Garnett uses to block out the sounds of jeering fans as he walks off the bus and into the tunnel.

Read more about the campaign, which will include a future spot featuring 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, in Behind the Work.