Heinz got A.I. to draw ketchup and this is what happened

Rethink brings artificial intelligence twist to celebrated 'Draw Ketchup' campaign

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Jul 26, 2022

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People have been having loads of fun creating outlandish imagery with the help of Craiyon (formerly known as Dall-E 2), an artificial intelligence platform that will generate pictures of any phrase you plop into it. (See, for example, the "Stranger Things" Demogorgon dribbling a basketball or a Walter White doorknocker.) Heinz Ketchup recently jumped on the trend to bring an A.I. twist to its celebrated “Draw Ketchup” campaign.

The original push asked everyday folks to “draw ketchup,” yielding surprising results affirming how iconic Heinz’s condiment is—most people sketched some version of the brand’s bottle with its keystone-shaped logo. The latest effort from Rethink plugged the word ketchup along with additional phrases into Dall-E 2. The outcome showed clearly that artificial brains are aligned human ones.

Heinz  AI Ketchup

The new campaign is using some of the most impressive, weird and funny images that were generated in an online film, social content as well as print ads to run in USA Today and The New York Times.  The images can also be seen in a Heinz Ketchup metaverse gallery
“With AI imagery dominating news and social feeds, we saw a natural opportunity to extend our ‘Draw Ketchup’ campaign—rooted in the insight that Heinz is synonymous with the word ketchup—to test this theory in the AI space," said Jacqueline Chao, senior brand manager, brand communications, Heinz, in a statement. “From the distinct keystone label to our iconically slow-pouring ketchup bottle, we know Heinz is unmistakable to people around the world, and we're thrilled to see even the most unbiased source recognizes that when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz.” 

Heinz AI Ketchup

Heinz AI