Hippo Insurance shows the apocalyptic side of homeownership

Campaign spots come from agencies Preacher and Partners in Crime

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Jul 06, 2022

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Sometimes homeownership can feel apocalyptic—that’s the core of a new brand campaign for Hippo Insurance. Four new spots created by agencies Preacher and Partners in Crime show first-time buyers that the crises of one’s first home don’t have to be the end of the world.

The hero spot, created by Preacher, shows the “Housepower” of a cared-for home through the rampage of shadowy riders on horseback, reminiscent of the wraiths from the “Lord of the Rings” films. They gallop down a suburban street, leaving behind shattered windows, downed electrical poles, lawn fires and roof damage. These scenes of terror or intercut with a man calmly making breakfast.

When the hooded equestrians come face-to-face with the homeowner, the everyday man screams at them and sends them scurrying in the opposite direction. The spot ends with the message, “Stand up to the next problem that shows up.”

A campaign representative told Ad Age that Hippo works with multiple creative agencies and brought the “Housepower” prompt to both Preacher and Partners in Crime. “Hippo has multiple creative partner agencies and Preacher and Partners in Crime have a long-standing friendship, so we all welcomed the opportunity to come together on this campaign,” stated a Preacher representative. 

Three additional spots, created by agency Partners in Crime, showcase Hippo’s individual products through funny interactions between fictional Hippo customers and their confused, uninsured counterparts.


One shows a woman out walking her dog, but there’s no pet on the end of her leash. As she dazedly answers a series of questions from a man walking an actual dog, it’s revealed that she hasn’t been sleeping because she’s so worried her pipes are leaking and doesn’t have Hippo’s leak sensors. The well-rested man tells her, “Chin up, girl.”

Another spot, for Hippo’s home checkups, shows a man bragging about the square footage a porta-potty adds to his home after a bidet leak flooded his bathroom. A third finds an uninsured parent sending his child to adorably ask a neighbor “where the water shutoff valve is” because he doesn’t have access to Hippo’s home experts. 




Jul 06, 2022
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Partners in Crime

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