A Girl Chases Her Stocking Across 74 Samsung Screens in This Charming Holiday Ad

Animation Uses Galaxy Tab S, Note 4, Gear S, and a Curved TV

Published On
Dec 17, 2014

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Samsung Mobile used 74 of its devices, including the Galaxy Tab S, Note 4, Gear S, and a curved TV, in this charming holiday animation. It tells the story of a young girl's dream about chasing her holiday stocking; the animation shows her moving through the devices' different screens (ranging from a two inch screen on a watch to a 65-inch screen on a TV) to follow the stocking through the night sky, onto a pirate ship, under the sea and more, before she finally floats back down to her bedroom.

A team of 10 animators created the on-screen art over three weeks, with initial character sketches done with the Samsung S Pen / Note 4. Then followed 60 hours of set building and fabrication and 17 hours of shooting for the final piece, which was directed by Ben Steiger Levine for creative agency R/GA. To see more about how it was made, watch this Making Of Film.

Previously, Sony delivered its own multiple-screen story across a range of its devices, along with some clever dance choreography, in a film via Party Tokyo.