A New York couple revisits their '60s honeymoon in Miami in The Atlantic's charming Trivago film

Documentary-style video shows the role travel can play in our relationships

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Jul 13, 2018

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A New York couple recreate their honeymoon in Miami 57 years later in an adorable branded film from Trivago and the Atlantic's marketing arm, Re:think.

In the documentary, we meet Hank and Dottie, who honeymooned in Miami in the 1960s in a style typical of the times. We follow their journey back as they reminisce about the differences between then and now-- for example, their low-rise resort on the beach is now replaced by skyscraping blocks. All the while, they discover new things about Miami, sampling the food in Little Havana and delighting in their upscale hotel room.

Footage of the couple as they are now is interspersed with old photos of their honeymoon, which looks nostalgically glamorous and vintage. Hank and Dottie will definitely charm you and the film (directed by Nick Regalbuto) provides an authentic and delightful portrayal of their long marriage: "whatever she does, I do," says Hank at one point.

According to Michael Monroe, VP of Atlantic Re:think: "The overall piece is designed to demonstrate the role travel can play in our most important relationships. When we settled on the concept of recreating a couple's honeymoon, we knew we needed to find the right pair. Re:think set a few guide rails for our search: married for 30+ years, honeymooned in the U.S., willing to be on camera--but our top two priorities were finding a couple with great chemistry and an interesting honeymoon story. After collecting several submissions, Hank and Dottie were a clear favorite."

The Trivago film is the latest branded project from Atlantic Re:think; previous work has included a look at supercomputers for Hewlett Packard Enterprise as well as projects for Nest, Netflix and WeWork.


Jul 13, 2018
Brand :
Agency :
Atlantic Re:think
Vice President :
Michael Monroe
Creative Director :
Jeremy Elias
Strategist :
Dane Bjorklund
Producer :
Drew Tillman
Director :
Nick Regalbuto
Production Services :
Blue Chalk Media

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