Hornbach, in typically epic style, tells gardeners to let nature take its course

DIY and garden store rethinks the perfect garden in an era of drought, water shortages and climate change

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Apr 13, 2023
A woman standing in the middle of a wild garden

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Hornbach, the European DIY and garden chain with a long history of fun and faux-grandiose advertising, is out with a campaign for spring that brings an ecological message for gardeners—let your garden run wild this year.

While gardening can be environmentally friendly, missteps like overwatering, using too many pesticides and limiting the variety of plants in the garden—making it less attractive to pollinators—can have negative effects.

With help from agency HeimatTBWA\, Hornbach says one of the best methods of ensuring a healthy garden is simply by letting nature be nature—and taking a new view what perfection looks like. After all, it worked for billions of years before human gardeners arrived. (Hornbach does, of course, want to guide you on this journey into wildness.)

All of this is communicated in the spot below, made with almost no CGI by Czar director Hauke Hilberg.


“Amid long-standing droughts, water shortages, climate change and rapidly decreasing numbers of birds and insects, Hornbach believes the time has come to fundamentally correct the image of a perfect garden,” the brand said. “And to inspire gardeners to let nature take over—and be amazed what their gardens can do on their own. For the most beautiful seed mixture has always been chance.”

The campaign is being launched throughout Europe with TV, social media, digital, DOHH, print, ambient and point of sale advertising.

“We have always forbidden ourselves the typical gloom with which ecological topics are usually communicated. That is not Hornbach,” said Guido Heffels, creative on the brand at HeimatTBWA\. “That is as mendacious as it is ineffective.” 

“We want to invite people to think about alternatives. And of course, to be their suitable project partner for this,” added Thomas Schnaitmann, head of brand international at Hornbach.