Barack Obama's chair was sold 'As-Is' at an Ikea in Norway

SMFB Oslo treats is like any other comfy piece of furniture

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Sep 28, 2018

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It’s not just Americans who are feeling nostalgic for the 44th president of the United States. World leaders at the United Nations General Assembly this week had a good chuckle, but much of the rest of the world isn’t laughing about tariffs or climate change.

When Barack Obama visited Norway for the Oslo Business Forum on Sept. 26, it was only natural that a small memento was kept. The former president sat on an Ikea Landskrona chair during an onstage interview. Rather than sell it or give it to a deep-pocketed benefactor, creative agency SMFB Oslo put it with other slightly-used furniture, in the As-Is section of a local Ikea.

Like all furniture that ends up there, it was fitted with a tag explaining its condition.

"This chair has been used - by Barack Obama when he visited Oslo the 26th of September. Naturally we can't sell it at full price anymore. LANDSKRONA chair has a warm and welcoming look, with a clean and classy expression. Kind of like the president himself. All in all, a great buy."

According to Pia Olstad, a creative at SMFB, the chair was bought by an elementary school teacher who was looking for another place to read in their library. Talk about a comfortable retirement.