These cute animations show how Ikea can handle all the things you hate about shopping there

Layzell Bros at Blinkink created the 'We love the things you hate' campaign from Mother London

Published On
Apr 29, 2019

Editor's Pick

Ikea's latest U.K. social media campaign uses a series of cute animations to illustrate how the retailer can also take care of all the things that annoy you about buying things at the furniture retailer. 

The "We Love the Things You Hate" campaign was created by animators the Layzell Bros at Blinkink, via Mother London, and shows a series of different services that Ikea can provide—like furniture assembly, delivery, car rental and childcare—that could transform your experience of shopping at the store. (Hey, we thought the Ikea experience was all about getting furious with hex keys and spending your weekend trying to get out of the store parking lot, but never mind.)

The eye-catching animation uses bright, pastel-colored hues and lovable characters to tell a little story about each situation, and in each, Ikea service reps are more than happy—sometimes downright ecstatic—to fulfill those extra duties. We never knew sitting in traffic or building bookcases could be such a dream.