Ikea’s monstrous turkey-sized meatball will shock and awe your holiday dinner guests

The impressive entree, dreamed up by Mother London, is designed to ‘prompt laughter and joy’

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Dec 12, 2023
A person carving up Ikea's Turkey-Sized Meatball

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We began the year with a mammoth meatball, and it looks like we’re ending with one, too.

This one isn’t made of mammoth meat, though. (It’s your standard ground beef, ground pork, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, milk, salt and pepper.) It was cooked up by Ikea U.K. and Mother London as a supersized version of its famous (little) meatballs. Officially known as the Turkey-Sized Meatball, it’s meant to replace the standard turkey at the center of your holiday meal.

In press materials, Ikea describes it as “a festive centrepiece that’s likely to prompt laughter and joy.” It will also presumably feed a shit-ton of people.

Product shot of Ikea's Turkey-Sized Meatball, with a person sticking a Swedish flag in it

Ikea has been giving away the meatball—available in limited quantities—through its social channels since Dec. 6 and through an in-store contest that started Dec. 11. It comes boxed and ready to cook, with your standard accompaniments of lingonberry jam and creamy sauce.

“The Turkey-Sized meatball is the ultimate Christmas showstopper for fans of Ikea meatballs,” said Karen Hughes, food manager at Ikea U.K. “Launched in time for Christmas, we can’t wait for some of our customers to make it the centrepiece of their Christmas dinner.”

Product shot of Ikea's Turkey-Sized Meatball, with a person pouring gravy on it

For those who prefer plant-based, Ikea is offering a separate Veggieball Christmas Tree, made with Ikea veggieballs. That kit comes with cone-shaped base to create a “do-it-yourself plant-based showstopper.” 

Product shot of Ikea's Veggieball Christmas Tree

There are no plans, as far as we know, to put the Turkey-Sized Meatball on the Las Vegas Sphere, but they totally should.