Fun Facts and Clips Remind Us Our Bodies Are Incredible in Ad for Weetabix

BBH's Latest Campaign Underlines Breakfast Cereal's Healthy Credentials

Published On
Jun 09, 2015

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Weetabix reminds us our bodies are incredible, so we need to think about what we put in them, in its latest campaign from BBH London. It's not a new message, but it's done in a fun and engaging way, surprising us with little-known facts about the human body (such as that human bones are stronger than steel). The film, directed by Jack Whiteley at Rattling Stick, features looped animated GIF-like clips of people of all ages using their incredible bodies, from a little girl sprinting up steps with a cello to older ladies running into the sea.

The $15 million campaign, which includes reminders of all the vitamins and nutrients that Weetabix contains, aims to reinforce the cereal brand as a healthy choice in a category that has had some negative perceptions around nutrition.

In a statement, group marketing director Sally Abbot said: "Nutritional claims are becoming background noise to many consumers. With news stories appearing everyday on what we should and shouldn't eat, most consumers are left feeling confused and many are questioning how relevant these claims are and what they actually mean for them and their family."

"Incredible Inside" helps put this into context for consumers in a compelling and inspiring way, connecting with them emotionally, and helping them understand the nutritional benefits of the Weetabix family of cereals in relation to the normal, every day things their bodies help them do."