ING's latest 'robotic' innovation is quite surprising

Rosapark created ad for the Dutch bank highlighting its customer service credentials

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May 09, 2019

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With advances in artificial intelligence everywhere at the moment, banking giant ING made a film about its own latest "robotic" innovation.

Created by agency Rosapark, the film introduces us to "TOM," the latest addition to ING's customer service department. "TOM" appears to be an advanced android, as we hear about his amazing neural networks and ability to assimilate information, in testimonials from a neuroscientist, a director of innovation and a colleague. Captured on camera, he appears almost halfway between human and robot.

Eventually, however, Tom sneezes and we discover he's a normal person, just like everyone else—as ING stresses that even though it offers digital banking, it's still staffed by real people. 

Sacha Lacroix, general director at Rosapark, explains in a statement: “While many brands are becoming more inventive in developing services that automate the relationship, they’re not addressing the fundamental problem, lack of consideration. Because when it comes to helping or advising a client, nothing can replace a human, the only person capable of a constructive and personalized exchange."

The ad was shot at ING's real-life Paris premises and was directed by Armand de Saint-Salvy via Tobago. 



May 09, 2019
Marketing and Commercial Director:
Yvon Martin
Advertising and Content Manager:
Marine Léoni
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Jean-François Sacco
Gilles Fichteberg
General Director:
Sacha Lacroix
Advising Director:
Soraya Cottin
Account Manager:
Caroline Planty
Social Manager:
Thibaut Thureau
Creative Director:
Jean-François Sacco
Creative Director:
Gilles Fichteberg
Julien Perrard
Art Director:
Nicolas Hurez
TV Production:
Thomas Laurent
Production House:
Tobago Films
Executive Producer:
Nicolas Maman
Armand de Saint-Salvy
Production Director:
Olivier Thaon
Photography Director:
Neel Potgieter
Decorator & Stylist:
Stéphanie Aujean
Post Production:
Mc Murphy
Sound Studio:
Mélanie Colléou

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