Apple Just Debuted Its Instagram Account

@Apple Handle Expands 'Shot on iPhone Campaign' and Features Curated Content From iPhone Users

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Aug 07, 2017

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Apple has opened its first official Instagram account, and is using it to bring its "Shot on iPhone" campaign to the Instagram world.

The company 's @apple Instagram handle will feature exclusive content captured by iPhone users, curated by Apple, with each post credited directly back to the Instagram account of its creator.

The handle launched today with a short film titled "Intention" that features a montage of images set to a soundtrack of contributors discussing the "magic of photography." The company also posted films featuring the work of three Instagram users, Jeryl T., Jess R. and Shawn T., as part of the launch.

Apple has previously eschewed Instagram, despite the fact that the iPhone paved the way for people sharing photographs on social media. However, targeting Instagram followers will help expand the "Shot in iPhone" campaign to another platform; Instagram users can tag photos with the hashtag #ShotOnIphone to have them considered for curation. Previously, Shot on iPhone images featured mainly in outdoor advertising, although they have also appeared on TV.