This disturbing film about a father and his transgender teen has a heartbreaking twist

France's Inter-LGBT aims to highlight discrimination

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Apr 05, 2019

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France's Inter-LGBT is highlighting violence and discrimination against young transgender people in a harrowing new film with an unexpected twist.

Created by TBWA/Paris, the film stars a teenager who has transitioned from a boy to a girl. We see the child with a black eye, the father shouting, then both fighting. In another scene, the father has shut the teen in a closet, holding the door as the child struggles to get out. At one point the father even drives his kid to an empty road in the car and makes them get out and run.

However, towards the end of the spot, the reveal shows the father comforting the teenager after they tell him they've been bullied at school. The dad embraces the crying child and promises to help them deal with life in the real world. "It's going to be tough, but I will  help you," he says. "Love you, my girl." 

The message on screen tell us "No parent should have to prepare their child to confront life, rather than just live it. 85% of trans people will be attacked during their lives."

The film was directed by Guilhem Machenaud at Wanda Paris. Encouraging people to “support trans people," it directs people to a digital platform at with resources to help guide the parents and relatives of young trans people.



Apr 05, 2019
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