Jack & Coke Media Kit

Published On
Dec 18, 2023
jack coke


Jack & Coke is one of the most popular drink orders of all time. In 2020, FINN Partners worked with both their client, Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola to drum up energy and interest with both media and online influencers around this iconic cocktail. The intention was to disrupt their inbox with an opportunity to celebrate right there on the spot. Included in the packaging were a 375 ml bottle of Jack. An 8 oz. Coke bottle (naturally intended to be shared with “Jack), a jigger and a highball glass that let them know they were enjoying “America’s Cocktail.” To drive home the fact that this cocktail teams up two American icons, the widely recognized bottle shapes were used throughout the design— including a historical timeline of each bottle.

The kit’s booklet gave a historical perspective of the two products and demonstrated how their combined differences have brought folks together for decades.