Jack Daniel's 2023 Tennessee Squire Calendar

Published On
Dec 18, 2023
jack daniels


Yeah, yeah. Jack Daniel’s is using the latest tech, from NFTs to augmented reality experiences launched by its label, to engage its many friends around the world. So, why rely on an intentionally low-tech medium like a print calendar to reach their most loyal customers, the Tennessee Squires? Calendars? Aren’t there, like, a zillion handy phone apps for that? They do it for a carefully thought-through and researched marketing reason... It’s what the people want!

The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Squire Calendar is a highly sought-after communication from the beloved brand. A barrage of email, tweets, posts, messages and passionate telephone calls flood the distillery beginning in November, all asking, “Is the calendar out yet?” Especially this year when word spread that the calendar would highlight two long-time Lynchburg Ambassadors of the brand – Randall Fanning and Goose Baxter – who were retiring together after 47 years. “To the Friends Who Made Us” celebrates these two lovable distillery workers as well as the beauty and bond of friendship. Given the importance of these two gentlemen and of this print piece to Jack Daniel’s friends, FINN Partners was honored to be charged with concepting, designing, copywriting, photographing, art directing, laying out and overseeing the printing of the 2023 Tennessee Squire Calendar. From fishing to four-wheeling, sharing tales to listeners with tails to swapping stories from the tailgate of a pickup truck, the 2023 edition captures the moments of friendship the Jack Daniel’s brand is made for. It was a fitting salute to the two friends upon their retirement, giving Squires an entire year to say goodbye.