Johnnie Walker’s Striding Man now has company

A diverse cast joins icon in 'Striding Hu[man]s' campaign from CP&B

Published On
Oct 25, 2018

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Johnnie Walker’s iconic ‘Striding Man’ logo is no longer alone. A new campaign from CP&B Brazil depicts the Diageo brand’ mascot along with other “Striding Hu[man]s,” in a refresh of its “Keep Walking” platform.

The effort includes sequential panels and indoor posters showing the striding man following, and followed by, an assortment of characters from all walks of life.  There’s also a live-action ad, “The Progress of One is the Progress of All,” which features a diverse cast striding together, across a bridge and through city streets, toward an unknown destination.



“Johnnie Walker has always talked about personal progress and we know how the meaning of progress has changed a great deal over the last years,” said Guilherme Martins, head of Diageo whisky portfolio in Brazil in a statement. “Through ‘Striding Hu[man]s,’ the brand follows up on its famous ‘Keep Walking’ campaign by relying on collective progress. For the first time ever, the Striding Man no longer walks by [himself], and is now accompanied by people from all walks of life to help promote progress for one and for all.”

Previously along with CP&B, Johnnie Walker debuted its first-ever female protagonist in an ad. Earlier this year, the brand also introduced “Jane Walker,” a female version of the Striding Man.