This audio shop put its entire website on a vinyl record

Toronto's Just Tom goes all-out hipster with its new homepage

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Sep 26, 2018

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Vinyl has cachet. Everyone loves sliding a delicate disc out of its sleeve, gently plopping it on a turntable and positioning the needle to catch that first static-y pop.

So while the cassette and the 8-track have gone the way of Betamax, vinyl records have stuck around for decades after they were the primary format for listening to music, thanks to audiophiles who claim higher fidelity and artists who insist on pressing small runs for collectors and DJs.

Add Canadian audio production company Just Tom to the list of vinyl-lovers. The Toronto shop has put its website on a record (yes, the whole thing), read aloud by Tom Thorney, president and head of production, who’s got a voice for radio.

There are all the hits, like “About,” which details the history of Thorney and the shop, as well as “Work” and “Contact Us,” each spoken in their entirety, complete with backing muzak.

Copies of the pressing were sent to agencies this month, in an effort to find potential clients looking for an inventive audio shop. For those not lucky enough to get a copy, digital versions of the audio can be heard at, and an infomercial featuring excerpts is available on YouTube (above).


Sep 26, 2018
Client :
Just Tom
Sound :
Just Tom
Agency :
The Local Collective
President and Chief Creative Officer :
Matt Litzinger
Creative Director :
Pepe Bratanov
Managing Director :
Kaitlin Doherty
Solutions Director :
Lauren Brown
Writer :
Andrew Parsons
Audio Production :
Just Tom

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