Justin Timberlake's obsession with 'braspberries' carries on in a Bai ad

Spot for the juice drink features social media posts by the star

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May 03, 2018

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Was Justin Timberlake's invention of a new fruit all a big stunt for Bai?

Following his appearance in its Super Bowl ad last year, Justin Timberlake is still "Chief Flavor Officer" at juice drink Bai and appears in another quirky commercial for the brand.

The new in-house spot features Timberlake as a guest on a fictional news show, preoccupied with the revelation (which he's been plugging since December on his social media accounts) that putting a blueberry inside a raspberry creates a " mind-blowing" new fruit, the "braspberry."

The spot is part of the brand's summer push, which highlights how two things that don't typically go well together--great taste and healthfulness--are harmonious in Bai drinks. For now, Bai does not have an offering that containts braspberries, but it would be cool to see brand take its CFO's discovery to the next level.

Fifteen and thirty second versions of spots will be appearing on late night shows including SNL, The Tonight Show, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and James Corden plus cable and digital channels through the end of September.