Keep Dreaming

Published On
Dec 13, 2023


Honda is channeling its history of technological breakthroughs to begin teasing its first mass-marketed electric vehicle, the Prologue, which hits dealers early next year. The vehicle makes its first mainstream ad appearance in Honda’s latest “Power of Dreams” campaign that is set to debut on TV this weekend during NFL games. The ad, from Honda agency of record RPA and voiced by brand spokesman John Cena, begins by showing the 1975 Honda Civic, which the automaker credits as the first car to use an engine that met strict emissions standards set by the U.S. Clean Air Act without a catalytic converter. The spot goes on to highlight the 2000 Honda Insight, the first mass-marketed gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle sold in the U.S.; and the 2008 Honda Clarity, a zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicle. It also highlights modern-day breakthroughs, including some still in development, such as the Honda eVTOL, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Prologue Elite logo on car door

2024 Prologue EV Screenshot

Civic EV concept art

Scientists above model of fuel cell

2024 Prologue EV 3D model