KFC apologizes to unused utensils in new finger-lickin’ campaign in Canada

Air Supply’s ‘All Out of Love’ anchors the latest advertising to commiserate with discarded objects

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Aug 22, 2023
A closeup of a metal form, with a family eating KFC in the background

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It’s been more than 20 years since Ikea’s “Lamp” amusingly punctured the old advertising trope of emotionally anthropomorphizing inanimate objects. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still work like a charm.

As evidence, check out KFC Canada’s latest campaign, which takes the brand’s longtime “finger-lickin’” positioning to a fun new conclusion—the sorrow that utensils must feel at being rendered obsolete.

Toronto agency Courage and director Henry Scholfield take that conceit and run with it in the fun, over-the-top spot below, using the melodramatically iconic strains of Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” to frame the psychic fallout among innumerable knives, fork and spoons across Canada.

Oh, and sporks.


With so much paint already on KFC’s finger-lickin’ canvas from countless campaigns over the years, Courage was looking for a new way in.

“‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’ is one of the most famous taglines in the world, which is exciting because it’s so iconic but also a bit intimidating because there have been decades of great ads that have already used it,” said Joel Holtby, the agency’s co-founder. “With this campaign, I hope we found a way to bring this very familiar tagline to life in a way that feels fresh and unexpected.”

The out-of-home executions are fun, too, showing people, reflected in their unused utensils, enjoying their KFC finger food.

Three outdoor ads showing people eating KFC, reflected in utensils

KFC Canada ad showing a person eating KFC, reflected in a fork

By the way, not totally sure you want to slurp your coleslaw directly from the container, but you could.

“KFC has been about cooking and serving the world’s best tasting fried chicken from day one,” said Katherine Bond-Debicki, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Canada. “You can’t help but go all in and dig in, no utensils needed, with food so good you can’t help but lick your fingers.”

KFC Canada ad showing a person eating KFC, reflected in a spoon

KFC Canada ad showing a person eating KFC, reflected in a knife

KFC Canada billboard showing a person eating KFC, reflected in a spoon


Aug 22, 2023
Client :
KFC Canada
Agency :
Founder & CCO :
Dhaval Bhatt
Founder & CCO :
Joel Holtby
Partner & CSO :
Tom Kenny
Partner & President :
Niki Sahni
ACD / Writer :
Hemal Dhanjee
ACD / Art Director :
Steve Ierullo
ACD / Writer :
Matt Miller
ACD / Art Director :
Tommy Yong
Group Account Director :
Alex Karayannides
Account Director :
Amna Khalid
Account Coordinator :
Chloe Chan
Senior Strategist :
Lyndsey Westfall
Executive Producer :
Clair Galea
Producer :
Clare Dietrich
Production :
Spy Films
Director :
Henry Scholfield
Executive Producer :
Marcus Trulli
Line Producer :
Amalie Bruun
DP :
Pat Aldinger
AD :
Olesksii Smoliar
Production Coordinator :
Tyler Klementti
Production Coordinator :
Shari Funk
Production Designer :
Hope Little
Locations Manager :
Scott Wood
Production Manager :
Scott Rudderhman
In House Coordinator :
Leah Munro
Casting :
Mann Casting
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Steven Mann
Casting Director :
Sarah Sheps
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Katie Uchimaru
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Editor :
Chris Murphy
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Nathan Olszewicki
Executive Producer :
Kayan Choi
Transfer & Online :
Alter Ego
Senior Colorist :
Wade Odlum
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Vika Svishchova
Senior VFX Artist :
Joel Osis
VFX Assistant :
Saba Zahir
Producer :
Mariya Guzova
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Hilda Pereira
Audio :
Vapor Music
Creative Director :
Ted Rosnick
Sound Engineer :
Ethan Myers
Sound Design :
Levi Considine
Executive Producer :
Lindsey Bates
Partner Managing Director :
Katie Seline
Project Manager :
Pauline Viard
Operations & Administration :
Talia Felber
Francois Lachance
Music Track :
Air Supply "I'm All Out of Love"

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