KFC will give folks in Quebec free food if they hurt their fingers on Moving Day

Courage campaign ensures you won’t just be lickin’ your wounds if you’re injured

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Jun 27, 2024

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Quebec, Canada, has this thing called Moving Day on July 1, where a huge number of people move to a new residence, since the majority of rental leases begin that day across the province.

Finger injuries also skyrocket on that day, which is why KFC Canada and agency Courage are launching a fun campaign called “Finger Lickin’ Injury Claims,” where anyone whose fingers get hurt on Moving Day can file a claim for the chance to win KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good chicken in return. The campaign includes a video spot (above) as well as out-of-home ads parodying personal injury billboards. 

KFC Moving Day billboard

Campaigns centered around silly legal claims are always fun—another good one was the McDonald’s campaign from Leo Burnett called “Fries Claims,” which involved opening the world’s first law firm dedicated to fighting french fry theft. 

“When you think about it, fingers are actually at the heart of moving occasions,” said Dhaval Bhatt, founder and co-chief creative officer of of Courage. “I mean, we’ve all been there—injuring our fingers while moving into a new home. So, when we were briefed on Moving Day, we thought, ‘Why not put injured fingers in the spotlight to have some fun and create a timely celebration of KFC’s iconic Finger Lickin’ Good tagline?’” 

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“We were always looking for the right opportunity to make KFC Canada a part of Moving Day in Quebec,” says Jordan Sequeira, marketing manager, brand and partnerships, at KFC Canada. “With Finger Lickin’ Injury Claims, we’ve created a campaign that’s contextual, positions KFC as a go-to meal after moving into a new home, and we get to share a laugh with movers in a uniquely KFC way.”

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