Take a Break from the Routine

Published On
Apr 23, 2020


Kit Kat’s tagline “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” is widely known, but not in Peru, where it has not appeared in mass media. In the beginning of 2018, Kit Kat was one of the least known brands in the Nestlé portfolio in Peru. We sought to change that by reminding consumers to take a break from their daily tasks. Realizing that young Peruvians—our target audience—spent much of their time on the streets and on their phones, we branded bus stops and train stations with the Kit Kat logo and even decorated an entire bus like a Kit Kat. We also partnered with key influencers to create content that led to 5 million views on YouTube, 6 million views on Facebook and 89 million impressions on digital media. Our fully integrated campaign successfully boosted brand awareness by 160% and brand consideration by 221% and increased sales by 157%.