This illustrated toilet paper invites kids to color it with their poo

'PooPaint' product idea for a Japanese school is a fresh approach to potty training

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Nov 20, 2019

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If you’re a parent going through potty training with a little one, you probably think that once you’ve finally said goodbye to the diapers, you’re home free. But oh, no no no. 

There’s a phase two to the whole process: teaching your kids how to wipe properly. This is the skill that typically a child must master before they make the leap from daycare to real school. But wiping can be quite complex—you need to know just how much TP to use, whether to scrunch or to fold, what direction to swipe, how much force should be used, when to stop. 



Geometry Ogilvy has created a brilliant product to help step up your kid’s wiping game: illustrated toilet paper that you “paint” with your poo. The special roll, dubbed “PooPaint,” was developed for Japanese early learning school Lohas Kids Center Clover. It features cute line illustrations on each square, and strategically, each artwork features a “target” for the kids to “paint” with their poop: the body of a snail, a squirrel’s tail, a hamburger patty. 

The idea also doubles as a fresh outlet for your child’s creativity. PooPaint is available in Japan at 500 yen for two rolls.


Nov 20, 2019
Kleur/Lohas Kids Center Clover
Geometry Global Japan
Executive Creative Director:
Fumitaka Takano
Creative Director:
Yasuhi Arikawa
Associate Creative Director:
Kazunori Shiina
Senior Art Director:
Tomohiko Setoyama
Senior Copywriter:
Hirohisa Fujiwara
Adam Braun
Art Director:
Tomoyuki Obata
Yuta Abo
Mayo Uchimura
Itaru Takagi
Yumiko Yamamoto
Motion Graphics:
Jody Zhou

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