Lacoste debuts Minecraft world and matching clothes line

The fashion brand is the latest to engage consumers virtually

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Mar 16, 2022

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Companies from Nike to Chipotle have popped up in video games to build rapport with younger, virtual-minded audiences. Even high-fashion brands including Balenciaga have outfitted online avatars in branded apparel. Next in line with an entry in the metaverse trend is Lacoste, which is taking its clothing to Minecraft—with an IRL line to match.

The collaboration features “Croco Island,” a custom Minecraft world styled after the brand’s crocodile logo. The free, downloadable game extension includes multiplayer tennis, an in-game version of a Lacoste store and other virtual adventures.

Croco Island

For total immersion in the Lacoste metaverse, the brand will release a physical line of clothing combining its signature style with Minecraft iconography. Releasing on March 16, the line includes 42 pieces for men, women and children. Many items feature the Minecraft logo with a boxy version of Lacoste’s croc. They include styles from athleisure to polos to over-the-shoulder bags.

Lacoste x Minecraft

The brands joined forces over a common motto of “building a better world through play” and debuted the virtual activation on March 12 at an event in Paris with the help of gamers Atomicmari and Shubble, music artist Brawke and YouTuber Smajor.