Lenovo celebrates seniors' content-filled lives in ads and podcasts

Campaign highlights the value of technology for older adults

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Aug 04, 2022

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Most ads for tech products concentrate on younger adults. But a new campaign from Lenovo acknowledges that technology can also play a part in the lives of older people, whose "content-filled" lives we shouldn't ignore.

The campaign, by Colombian agency Fantastica, is based on the insight that many older adults went from "resistance to confidence" in adopting technology and using digital platforms after the pandemic.

It focuses on two "digital seniors" who are using technology to enhance something they love; musician Teresita is using software to help her with recording music while actor Angarita (below) uses his laptop to watch his old movies. Both feature in TV ads for Lenovo, and have also recorded podcasts about their lives that are available on Spotify.



"Some brands target the older adult segment with messages based on a slightly biased positioning: it is assumed that they are retired people, with interests in only health categories and not very active," said Juan David Suarez, marketing manager of Lenovo Colombia, in a statement. "At Lenovo we have another vision; understanding that they are active and dynamic sources of history and oral and intellectual heritage that through our technology we have the possibility of immortalizing, understanding that they are key players in the adoption of new technologies in hardware, software and services."

The campaign's tagline is "You get old, you fill yourself with content." It launched on National Youth Day in Colombia, to highlight the idea for younger people and encourage them to appreciate that older people have led fascinating lives full of content.